Our new on-line training room, opened at The end of May 2007. We offer a wide range of on-line courses for all customers at competitive rates, this is a world wide service.

Web site accessibility and usability will increase your business

Site designers often believe that implementing accessibility and usability standards in to web sites is considered to be tedious at best and expensive at worst. What is not often considered is the increase in web site traffic by people successfully accessing your products or services using adaptive technology, or portable devices with limited display potential.

APART Consultancy’s approach is based on solving the everyday problems encountered by this user group of which we, as disabled users, are a part!

What Can We Offer?

A wealth of experience derived from the many frustrations disabled users encounter when trying to access considerable numbers of inaccessible web sites across the net.

Based on our findings we have compiled an online instruction program to demonstrate the steps to produce pages which will be accessible to all users.

Our fully interactive method highlights the frustrations and recommends techniques that will keep all visitors to your pages feeling comfortable and confident.

How Does It Work?

Our facility comprises a fully interactive virtual training room, giving both users and tutor the ability to communicate via speech technology and the tutor will present web pages and working examples of all types of documents to the group. We encourage all members to fully participate in the interactive process, as we thrive on questions, observations and ideas from participants.

For further details, follow the e-mail link below.

training room

We offer consultancy recommendations and training in access technology.

Training is available in the following:

  • Jaws for Windows,
  • IBM Home Page Reader,
  • Window-Eyes,
  • Zoomtext level 1 and 2 screen magnification
  • Supernova screen magnification
  • The use of cctvs


Training is also available in those Windows products that integrate with the customer’s chosen access solution.


APART Consultancy provide screen magnification training through a network of proven and trusted sub contractors.


We also provide installation, configuration and training in the use of OCR systems, for example:

  • Kurzweil 1000,
  • Openbook
  • Abby Fine Reader.

On-Line Training

In late 2005, APART Consultancy started their on line training programs. Training is delivered on a one to one or group relationship, either using a land-line telephone, Skype and now our on-line training room.

If you would like to know more about this service, please e-mail us For every training course undertaken, courseware material will be made available in the client’s preferred format either Braille, Tape, audio cd, or large print. Costs are 275.00 per half day, 400.00 per day plus VAT, for individuals 25 per hour, plus VAT, we cover all regions. We look forward to hearing from you.
Telephone 01702 543 624
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