Web site Access

We work with companies and publicly funded organizations to assist them towards the ultimate goal which is to ensure that there web sites at all levels, are accessible to the widest audience.

We will all benefit when the information available from the internet and local intranets is accessible and available to all computer users, irrespective of ability, disability, or screen reader or device in use to retrieve and read the information those web site visitors are seeking. Beyond the legal imperatives for accessibility is the market share you gain, along with the fact that you will be broadcasting your message to the widest possible user -base.

A web site’s content must be considered like an open book for each and every user. There should be no barriers either intended or not.

APART Consultancy are committed to web site accessibility.

We facilitate and run workshops to explain the difficulties screen reader users may encounter when trying to access your information, when your web site does not comply with certain web standards. We show you how necessary changes can improve the quality of the experience disabled users have reading your web pages.

A full understanding of accessibility and usability will benefit you and your audience we promise. Your business will improve if, and only if, your site is accessible.

You can request further information about the web accessibility workshops we run, The cost and availability by clicking on the link below.
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